The Best Guidance for Android Auto Head Unit You’ve Ever Heard

We are living in a digitally connected world. Our smartphones can open a whole new world of possibilities. One of the perfect examples of this would be when it comes to improving the driving experience. With an Android Auto head unit, you can use your phone and an app to be entertained when driving while also making it a safer experience.

The Best Guidance for Android Auto Head Unit You’ve Ever Heard

How to Choose an Android Auto Head Unit

The first guidance that you will need would be with regards to which one to buy. For sure, you will be overwhelmed with the possibilities, but this should not be a reason for you to decide in haste. First, think about what is compatible with the dashboard of your car. The appearance is also an important consideration. See to it that it will blend well with the aesthetics or interior of the car. The display should be bright enough to be seen day or night. It should come with a user-friendly interface that is effortless to navigate. And of course, the price should be appropriate for your budget.

How to Set Up an Android Auto Head Unit

The installation of the Android Auto head unit will differ from one manufacturer to the other. Often, they will provide detailed instructions on how this can be done. It should fit on the exact position of the old auto head unit and make sure that it is wired properly to the unit’s source of power.

Once the assembly has been completed, the next thing to do is to connect it to your phone. You need to have a compatible Android phone and upload the Android Auto app. Next, use a USB cable to connect the phone to the head unit that is already on the dashboard. The unit will automatically detect the phone and it will initiate the launch. You will have several on-screen prompts. Just follow the commands to finish the installation.

Picking The Right Apps

There are tons of apps that can be downloaded to maximize the use of the Android Auto head unit. It is compatible with more than 40 apps, including those for messaging, navigation, and entertainment. Some of the apps that you can download include Spotify, Amazon Music, Waze, Skype, and Pandora.

Using Voice Commands to Control the Unit

You no longer need to use your hands to control the head unit and carry out various functions. It has built-in voice command, which is the reason why it can make the driving experience easier. All that you have to do is to say “Ok, Google” and follow it up with what you want the unit to do, such as to send a text message, make a phone call, or go to any app.

The voice control function can also be used for Google Assistant. You can ask random questions and Google will answer it the best way it can. You can also use your voice to control the thermostat and lights at home, provided that you have a system that is connected to your phone or head unit.

Unlocking the Developer Mode

This is one of the secrets that every owner of an Android Auto head unit should know. Enabling the developer mode can unlock new functions. To do this, you have to open the Android Auto app on your phone and not from the head unit. Look for the Android Auto text on the screen and tap it ten times. After this, there will be a notification informing you that the developer settings can now be accessed. Meanwhile, on the side, there are three dots. Click it and in the menu, there is an option where you can quit the developer mode.

The developer mode will provide the opportunity to make some tweaks. For instance, you can force the day or night mode without depending on the actual time. By turning on the developer mode, you can also take advantage of the diagnostics feature that will make it easier to identify any problem that is apparent. You can also see the service history, making it easier to know if it is already time for routine maintenance. You will also have the option to improve the video quality that is played on the head unit.

Other Tweaks to Do

One of the best tweaks that you can enable is the Auto Launch. When the latter is enabled, the Android Auto will automatically start when a Bluetooth connection has been detected. To add, there is also an option for pocket detection, which means that the phone will not be connected until it is taken out of the pocket.

You can also set up an Auto Reply function. The latter will allow you to customize a text message that will be instantly sent to someone when you are driving. This is going to make the drive safer since this means that you do not have to touch the phone to send a reply.

Take your driving to the next level with the best Android Auto head unit! Keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above to make it instrumental in providing you with a better experience while on the road.

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