The Best 8-inch Subwoofers Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

The audio system in your car is very important if you want to enjoy a great driving experience. The core of any audio system is the subwoofer, and the quality of it is highly significant. But the best 8-inch subwoofers are the perfect choice for your car. A subwoofer is the main speaker of the audio sound, and it is meant to manage low frequencies as bass. Subwoofers come in many sizes and styles, but that doesn’t mean they are all a great option.

The most popular ones are the 8-inch subwoofers, and they also give you the best performance. But there is a wide variety of 8-inch subwoofers that can be found on the market. It makes the decision hard to take and creates a lot of questions in the buyer’s mind. Their quality and price value differ from one manufacturer to another. However, when it comes a quality audio system it is well worth the investment. So let’s look at the reviews of the best 8-inch subwoofers just what you are looking for.

best 8-inch subwoofers

Comparison of the Best 8-inch Subwoofers in the Market At-a-Glance:

8-inch Subwoofers Comparison Table

Product NameWeightWattsOur Rating
best 8-inch subwoofers
Rockville RW8CA 8"
5.56 pounds600 4.8/5
best 8-inch subwoofers
Bazooka BTA8250D
17.55 pounds250 4.5/5
best 8-inch subwoofers
Dual Electronics SBP8A
21.8 pounds160 4.7/5
best 8-inch subwoofers
New Kicker 11HS 8"
13.23 pounds150 4.5/5
best 8-inch subwoofers
19.45 pounds240 watts4.7/5

Short Reviews on the Best 8-inch Subwoofers:

1. Rockville RW8CA 8″

Rockville RW8CA 8- best 8-inch subwoofersFor a grand sounding bass in the vehicle, this is the way to go and to make things better; it saves on space. With a thickness of only two point seven inches, you can comfortably fit this device under your car seat. The amplifier is built in to make installation a simple process for you so that you will not require technical help to do so.

The RW8CA provides a great sounding bass in the car without taking up any space. It comes with only 2.7 thick sub enclosure so that you can fit it under your seat easily. After turning off the music signal, the built-in subwoofer system will aquatically turn off. It includes 600 watts of pick power plus 150 watts RMS.

You can also trigger the device to switch on or off without the need for a remote wire. The moment you turn off your music device, the subwoofer automatically senses the changes and turns itself off. Included in the device to make handling easy are controls for volume as well as a subsonic filter. It is the only slim under seat subwoofer on the marketplace at the moment, and you will be satisfied hearing its amazing sound. Moreover, it is included with a remote bass knob along with groundbreaking mounting hardware. So it is one of the best 8-inch subwoofers what you are really looking for.


  • Produces thunderous sounds
  • Very robust build that can last for ages
  • The installation process is quite simple
  • Fits perfectly under the seat
  • Its price is affordable
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • During summer, the amp overheats if it is in the rear
  • There is a pop sound as it comes on and goes off

2. Bazooka BTA8250DBazooka BTA8250D- best 8-inch subwoofer

This subwoofer, designed compactly, allows you to install it on the corner of your car. This kind of position enables the subwoofer to amplify the sound that it produces, making it louder than most of such devices in the market. It comes with a grill that not only serves a decorative purpose but also protects the device from coming to harm in the event of an impact.

Bazooka BTA8250D comes with 250 watts of absolute digital power along with optional speaker level outputs. It features legendary patented Bass Tube enclosure design along with a twist. This particular subwoofer is available in 100-Watt BTL or even 250 Watts Class D amplifier configurations. The grill is protective and decorative that prevents the subwoofer from accidental damage.

Installation and removal of this subwoofer are quite simple, and this is achievable by the use of straps. You can also double the level of bass by using a passive tube. The amazing patented Bass Tube enclosure of this subwoofer makes a uniform, natural and hydraulic transfer of the Bass energy generated by the woofer. It provides “Bass Reflex” technology to create an advantage of both backward and forward of the woofer without wasting bass energy. So this subwoofer is highly recommended for you.


  • Produces a pleasant bass sound
  • Takes little effort to install it
  • Uses very little space
  • Great for power saving
  • Sound does not travel to the outside of your car
  • Instruction Manual included


  • It is not possible to change the frequency response
  • The bass is not thundering

3. Dual Electronics SBP8A 

Dual Electronics SBP8A - Best 8-inch subwoofersThis 8-inch subwoofer is perfect for most audio systems and will create the atmosphere that you are aiming for. It is meant to increase output by using a specially tuned port along with computer-aided design. The 2’’ voice coils are very efficient when it comes to increasing output and providing low sounding bass.

The Dual Electronics SBP8A is a digitally optimized subwoofer to provide an accurate sound. The power handles up to 160 W of Peak power, 80 Watts RMS at a 2 Ohm impedance and Frequency Range between 20Hz – 200Hz. It makes it a very powerful device that will impress not only you but also your friends and family. You can listen to all kinds of music and entertain yourself during long drives.

But the sound is not the only benefit of this device. It also creates a surreal view by using a curved acrylic viewing window. It has steel stamped and chrome backplane construction which improves the sound quality of the road. The 8-inch subwoofer comes with one year of warranty, and its dimensions are 15.35” W X 9.22” D X 15.35” H. Even if the price is not the lowest on the market, it is a long-term investment. This subwoofer is meant to last for years at daily usage. It is made of quality materials that ensure the buyer with a good performance. It is important to check the rest of the requirements of your audio system to make sure this subwoofer is compatible.


  • One year warranty
  • Comes with 2’’ voice coils
  • Increased sound output for low frequencies
  • 160 Watts of peak power
  • Long lifespan


  • Not budget friendly
  • Not easy to find spare parts

4. New Kicker 11HS 8″

NEW KICKER 11HS 8- best 8-inch subwoofersWith 150 watts of RMS power, this subwoofer can produce very high-quality sounds that will make your car rides all the more enjoyable. It comes in an ultra-compact design that can fit in the tightest of spaces within your vehicle, thus saving on space. With a power cable, fuse and amp kit availed to you on the purchase of this subwoofer; your costs will go down significantly.

If you are looking for a moderate level of bass in your car, this subwoofer should do the trick. NEW KICKER 11HS is considered as one of the best 8-inch subwoofers in the marketplace at the moment. This ultra-compact powered subwoofer has significantly designed for tight locations. It produces amazing surround sound in your small car. You will be amazed hearing its perfect and quite a bit of bass.

This particular subwoofer won’t rattle your bones but provides a perfect tight low end along with a small adjustment. It is completely easy to use and install as well. It produces a vibrating sound that makes you crazy even. It runs with a dual DIN pioneer radio that is suitable for extremely low-end base excitement. The base level and thump of this subwoofer is unbelievable and sounds better than other subwoofers. Its power is not overwhelming and perfect for uncomplicated factory system upgrade. It is fairly heavy but portable.


  • Compact size
  • Produces clear sounds
  • Easy to install
  • Sounds stay inside the vehicle
  • Built to last


  • The music sounds are not adequate to shake the car
  • May not fit under some seats

5. MTX Audio RT8PT

MTX Audio RT8PT- Best 8-inch subwoofersMTX Audio RT8PT comes with 120 watts RMS regarding power output, and as such, you can expect amplified sounds. Encased in a carpeted enclosure, you know that it will be safe even when it gets hit. The outer casing has vents to ensure that the subwoofer is adequately aerated to prevent it from overheating during use. This kind of build makes sure that the subwoofer serves your needs for ages.

The RT8PT is one of the best 8-inch subwoofers at the moment, and it is perfect for any space of your car. It features butyl rubber surround, vented enclosure design and built-in amplifier. It also includes mounting straps along with wired bass control. This particular subwoofer produces hit bass sound from 35Hz-250Hz. This subwoofer includes integrated amplifier along with vented enclosure bass that you ought to experience to believe. This widespread amplified enclosure has been designed for the new enthusiasts feeling the outstanding experience. It includes a durable and lightweight polypropylene cone that effectively moves air for exceptional output.

There are external controls which you can use to control the amount of volume. Having the powers on the outside provides you with convenience. The compact size of the subwoofer does not in any way undermine its performance. Due to the incorporated class D amplifier, this subwoofer can provide up to 120 watts RMS power. This is because it is fully easy to connect to all types of radios. It also includes an exterior bass control that can be linked to the amplifier plus mounted close to the driver enabling for the adjustment on the go. So MTX Audio RT8PT is affordable and highly recommended to you.


  • Comes in a small size
  • Great bass output
  • The installation process is simple
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting


  • Linking of both wires to one connection
  • The amp overheats in hot weather

What to Look For When Buying 8-Inch Subwoofers:

One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a subwoofer is the kind of system that you currently own and which subwoofers are compatible with it. Other than this, other factors come into play.


Subwoofers come in varying shapes and sizes. Square-shaped sub-woofers are available in compact sizes that range from 8 inches all the way to much more significant proportions. Rectangular shaped sub-woofers can be up to eighteen inches big. The size of the device that you use should correlate to the size of the room.

If you have a large room, use a large sub-woofer.


The amount of power output determines the level of vibrations produced. The average production is about one hundred to one hundred and fifty watts which is ideal for a small room. For a vast place, go for two hundred and fifty watts.


This term primarily refers to the range which your sub-woofer can cover. Choose crossover based on the size of your room. Small devices have a crossover of 35HZ while bigger ones have a crossover of 150HZ or more.

Speaker firing

The direction of the sounds emitted affects the level of noise. Front-firing speakers are mild, and they emit sound from the front and the sides. Down-firing speakers emit sound from the bottom and are much louder.


Do not compromise on quality to save some bucks. Though a sub-woofer does not necessarily have to be costly for it to be effective, settle for one that is reasonably priced. 

Final Thought

The list of the best 8-inch subwoofers comprises the most compact and most affordable sub-woofers in the market. They are easy to use, and you can install it without any trouble. They produce awesome surround sound for the money. Of the six, the MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer Enclosure undoubtedly holds its own in all aspects. Make sure to choose a subwoofer that meets the requirements of your space. So read the above subwoofer reviews attentively, and we think you will be able to select the best product for your car. If you are satisfied with this review, just share it with your friends and comment below.

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