Best 6.5 Component Speakers Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Here we showcase top five popular products in the category of best 6.5 component speakers for your car. If you have been on the lookout for the best audio solutions to enhance the listening pleasure in your car, this category of product could be just what you need. However, there are certain features and functions that differ in each brand’s product. Hence, it is best that you read about the different products that are described here and also understand how to source car speakers that would be ideal for your car.

Comparative Reviews of Best 6.5 Component Speakers

Product NameWeightWattsOur Rating
Best 6.5 Component Speakers
Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps
2.2 pounds2804.8/5
Best 6.5 Component Speakers
Rockford Fosgate P165-s
5.8 pounds554.8/5
Best 6.5 Component Speakers
Polk Audio DB6501
5 pounds3004.5/5
Best 6.5 Component Speakers
JL Audio C2-650
7 pounds2004.5/5
Best 6.5 Component Speakers
Alpine SPR-60C
2 pounds1104.7/5

1. Kenwood KFC-P709Ps 

Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps


Kenwood is a renowned electronics brand and its range of products for automobile sound systems is well known. Hence, you would certainly want to take a look at this particular product to understand its features and whether it would be the right fit for your vehicle.


This particular component speaker system offers certain features such as:

  • Peak input power of 280 W
  • A one inch swivel dome tweeter is included
  • Speaker design has a diamond array pattern and injected polypropylene cone
  • The crossover network is of advanced design
  • Frequency response in the range of 63 to 24 kHz

Pros and cons

Those who have opted for the product are mostly satisfied with its performance and the price value it comes in. Indeed, many have stated that it is easy to install which makes it convenient for most car owners who wish to do it themselves. There are certain ways you can enhance the performance of this system, especially if you add on a subwoofer. However, the product will probably not equal the stunning sound that is produced by more superior products in the market. Overall, it is rated as a good system for the price it comes to.

2. Rockford Fosgate P165-S

Rockford Fosgate P165-s


Rockford is an esteemed brand that offers different kinds of electronic products. In the range of car audio sound system and related products, there are several different products that it offers. This particular product offers you performance that is good value for money and easy to install.

This particular product offers the following features:

  • This set weighs about 5.1 pounds
  • It goes beyond 2.7 inches in depth

Pros and cons of the product

Most customers have rated the ease of installation to be high for this product. The crossovers come inbuilt in baskets and the tweets are bright ones. Many find that the woofers do not provide adequate mid bass. Many have found that complementing this system with an inbuilt amplifier is the best move. Others find the product good value for money. However, those who look for great sound quality might find this product falling short of their expectations.

3. Polk Audio DB6501 


Polk Audio DB6501


This particular product offered by Polk has many unique features that customers will love to explore. Here are some aspects that stand out about this component system.


  • There are adaptor rings that make it easy for one to place them in 6-1.2 inch or 6-3/4th inch applications
  • There is a two way outboard crossover which comes with vented housing
  • The electronic tweeter comes with a protection circuit
  • Woofers have surrounds of butyl rubber as well as a composite cone made of polymer or mica
  • The dome tweeters have silk or polymer composite covers that create detailed high notes

Pros and cons

This product comes with great looks and at prices that makes it affordable for all. It is said to work with OEM factory made systems as well as can be used with aftermarket head units or with component power amps. The speakers come with surrounds that would hold through differing temperatures and exposure to sunlight. With the vented crossover housing the wire channels are hidden which makes the installation look more professional. Whether one is looking to fit them in European vehicles, BMWs, Audis or VWs, this product would be a great fit.

Among the customer reviews, many have stated that they find the sound produced to be great in this system. The clean and articulate sound stands to their expectations. Some have stated that they find it hard to install by themselves. Many are satisfied with the quality that this product offers and have been surprised with the clarity and quality of sound the speakers give out. They find the pricing to be great as well. The manufacturer’s warranty provides peace of mind to the customers.

4. JL Audio C2-650 


JL Audio C2-650


This particular product offers state of the art car audio technology. Here are the main features you can expect of this product.


  • The peak power is 200 watts per pair
  • 120 watts per pair is the RMS power
  • The speakers have polypropylene cone that is made of mica composite
  • The tweeter offers three adjustable positions

Pros and cons

These component speakers from JL with adjustable crossovers offer you just what you need to give your car a great audio experience. The power of the system is great and the surrounds make the sound system last for a long time. The depth of the speakers is of standard dimensions. Among the customer reviews, many find the sound to be okay as per the price range they come for. In other cases, they are found to be disappointing by some when it comes to the sound quality. JL being a dependable brand, one can surely indulge in such a product and be sure of the manufacturer’s warranty and purchase terms to cover any defects or problems that one might face with the product.

5. Alpine SPR-60C 

Alpine SPR-60C


This product of Alpine is a popular one and is great for most car audio installations. Here are some key features to know about it as well as what one can expect when they order it in.

Features of the product

  • This car audio system has peak power of 330 W
  • The RMS power of the speakers is 110 W
  • The mounting depth of the speakers is 2-5/16”
  • The speakers comprise of a hybrid layered pulp like a cone
  • The speakers provide impedance of 4 Ohms

Pros and cons

Many customers find the speakers to be great in terms of the output. The tweeter is found to be powerful but the jumper switch that is included allows one to turn down the volume. Many have found the sound to be best when paired with an audio amplifier. One could try to obtain an amplifier of the same brand to make the sound even more powerful. Some have found the tweeter product to be too light which is prone to be broken during installation. These are some experiences that some customers have stated. Some have stated that the crossover could be a little tricky to maneuver, but with a little power one would find the speakers to be a great joy to possess.

How to select a component speaker system?

When we talk about component speaker units, these are best to opt for to get optimal audio experience in your car. These sets will have certain components that need to be placed right in order to make the system work right in your vehicle.


These are speaker component that helps produce higher range sounds. Frequencies of speaker, tweeters vary from 2000 Hz and can move to 20,000 Hz. Tweeters of the high or upper frequency limits are said to be optimal for human hearing. Some component audio systems come with tweeters while in other cases, one needs to purchase tweeters separately.

Mid range components

This is a speaker component that produces frequencies of sound in the range of 300 to 5000 Hz. Sounds produced in the mid range speakers are known to enable recognition by human hearing easily. It is one of the vital components. One should look at the total harmonic distortion that it includes along with frequency range at the time of purchasing a component system.

Woofers and subwoofers

These are designed to produce the low end of the audio frequency of a speaker system which can range from 40Hz to 1000Hz. The subwoofers usually produce sounds that are even lower, from 20Hz to 200Hz. Such components are extensively used in certain music production such as in the case of musical instruments.

Hence, when you are listening to jazz compositions or symphony orchestra you would surely need to have woofers and subwoofers that are sensitive and can produce such sounds with clarity even at low levels. These components are also heavier as compared to the other items that come with a component speaker set. Richness and realism to sounds are brought to your ears by woofers and subwoofers of the right frequency and quality which help to produce a bass sound that is deep.

How to make the right purchase?

When you wish to purchase a component system, you need to think about the budget. Stereo components can be of different specifications as well as prices and hence it is necessary to compare the sound quality against the costs that you would incur. When you shop at a local store, you need to ask around. You could pick up components separately to ensure that the sound quality is the best. One could also seek information from online blogs and audiophile publications regarding matching the different components of a car audio system.

The two aspects that one is usually bothered about are price and technology. Even if you have a limited budget, you will be able to find component systems that are great value for money. With advances in this technology sphere, it is not difficult to find even modest priced items that produce good sound of your car. You could choose components that are less expensive and would be able to give you excellent sound. A perfect example is to look at headphones where even miniature ones can create a great sound. There are sound systems that are high end and expensive as well, but you need not stretch your budget much if you wish to get good sound for a modest price.

Most buyers will opt for speakers that come as complete units and are ready for installation. However, for an audiophile or a hobbyist, it can be a rewarding task when they can put together a speaker set with individual components that they have sourced with discern and research. Even though you would need to select the right components with care and do it in a painstaking manner, the end result will provide you a speaker system whose sound is great and is tailored as per the desired specifications of the listener.

How to source component systems online?

When one wishes to source component systems online, there are different ways of going about it. There are different forums where one can search for such units, either separately or buy complete systems that come with the different units as a set. If you are aware of the kind of frequency and quality you are looking for, it would be easier to look at the different component systems available in the market. If you are picking up components separately, simply look at brands or products that would be compatible with each other. If you are mixing and matching different components you need to ensure that the items you pick up would be compatible; ensure that the return or exchange policies exist for these items and you could return and get some other item if you are dissatisfied with the sound that the system makes.

When you wish to source component systems as a kit, you can review different products on established retail forums. These forums can help you compare the products offered by different brands. At the time of buying such a product, look at the product specifications as well as features that are offered. Ensure that the product would work for your car model. Many users leave helpful reviews of these products. Hence, you need to check these reviews and understand the experiences of other customers. Besides brand quality, reviews and ratings, what would also matter is the price range. Find the products that fit your budget and provide the best sound experience that you can easily afford.


The above points will help you find the best 6.5 component speakers system from online resources that make your search easy and convenient. All you need to do is research right and organize your search in a way that you cover all aspects at the time of choosing the right component system to purchase. With several choices in the online market you would be spoilt for choice for sure.

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